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With over 20 years in the Recording Arts Business, we enjoy using our online song mastering talent to make music of all kinds sound better. There is a big difference between knowing how to use the tools of the trade, and knowing how to use them to make your song sound GREAT! Our studio selectively uses only the effects we believe we should to achieve this, unless otherwise requested by our clients.

Every aspect of Song Mastering is considered when working on your project. From spacing between each song, to making sure they are all at a consistent loudness. We always welcome client's specific requests no matter what they are, as your happiness is most important. So please, don't hesitate to let us know. Our clients are always regarded as family, so a "whatever it takes" approach is used when it comes to audio projects.

This studio uses a state of the art D.A.W., and our listening environment is meticulously "tuned" in order to provide the most accurate song mastering possible. Also, we really enjoy what we do here, so going the extra mile is just something we do naturally, unlike other more "corporate" orientated online studios, where only their profit is bottom line. So, send us a track, let us do a FREE sample, and decide for yourself if we are perfect for your project. We are anxious to get to work for you, and look forward to you becoming part of the Premier Audio Mastering family.


Listen to some examples of what Audio Mastering can do:

Song Mastering Examples

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  • Sample 2
  • Sample 3

Why do we do it?
It all started a long time ago. I am a musician myself, and was in a band for a long time. Although we never hit the Billboard 100, we put all of our energy and lives into doing what we loved - playing music. Naturally, we wanted to learn as much as possible about every aspect of the industry in order to give ourselves the best opportunity to make it. At the very least we figured the more we learn about music and sound production for example, the better we figured we would sound. So, along the way we decided to get into recording our band ourselves. This way we would have a hand in the final product of our songs and our sound. Well, it didn't stop there. Years later we found we had made many advances in the sound we were able to capture and manipulate. Soon we were recording our friend's bands, and expanding into the song mastering realm.
Along the way we can say that we had many bad experiences with recording. Lots of great facilities had taken our money, but not returned the results we were hoping for. Our band did have a few great experiences with people who "cared" about us, thus doing great work. However, the vast majority had just run us through as fast as they could and had no heart in it. As a struggling band, we were short on cash most of the time and needed all of the help we could get.
Now, it is our turn to give back to the community. Our philosophy is to make a little bit of money while giving lots of help back to the musicians who need it the most. This is why our prices are set where they are. The time and quality of work we do is worth far more than the price. Your songs are actually listened to, we actually care about the quality of work we do, and our only form of advertising is literally doing a good enough job so you will want to recommend us to your friends. You never have anything to lose, as if you are unhappy with the sound you get a full refund - no questions asked. I hope I have sufficiently answered those who wonder why our prices are so low. Give us a try, we are here to help.
"Your satisfaction is always guaranteed with us." -Brainard Jose
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All Types Of Audio Mastering Projects Welcome

Here at Premier Audio Mastering, our client's satisfaction is most important. We consider every angle on each project whether it is one song, a full length album, or a company presentation. We've mastered many different forms of audio and are always ready to master yours. Because we provide you with a FREE sample of your finished audio before you pay, you can be sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. We also have examples of online song mastering for you to listen to above, so you can "see" the difference online audio mastering can make.

Our ordering process is easy, as is uploading songs. Moreover, we offer three Pricing Packages to fit your every song mastering need. We also offer a more secure file transfer with FTP. If you're not sure what FTP is or need more info, we can supply you with a FREE program and details on using it. Our service is fast and reliable. We provide a two day turnaround policy, and can return all songs and audio in any format desired. Give us a try, you have nothing to lose and you'll be glad you did.
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