Premier  audio mastering

Package A

Loudness Mastering

$20 a song

If you like your songs the way they are and just want to make them louder, choose Package A. We will make your songs professionally loud without using any effects to enhance or change their overall sound. *Some limiting will be necessary to make your song "safe" and loud.

Package B

Complete Mastering

$25 a song

We will utilize our full array of Mastering Effects as needed, to make your songs sound the best they can. They will also be made professionally loud. Our Mastering Effects include: E.Q., Compression, Limiting, Stereo Imaging, Noise Reduction, Aural Enhancers, Reverb, & more.

Package C

Separation Mastering

$35 a song

You can send us your separates, stems, beats, vocal tracks, or whatever you have for your songs. Package C covers all multiple file song projects. Separation Mastering gives the mastering engineer much greater control over the songs during the mastering process.


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With over 20 years in the Recording Arts Business

   We enjoy using our resources as an online song mastering studio to help Artists get the most from their audio projects.

There is a big difference between knowing how to use the tools of the trade, and knowing how to use them to make music sound GREAT! We selectively use only the effects we believe we should to achieve this, unless otherwise requested by our clients. At Premier Audio Mastering, every aspect of Audio Mastering is considered when working on your project. From spacing between songs, to making sure they are all at a consistent loudness. We always welcome client's specific requests no matter what they are, as your satisfaction is what is most important. So please, don't hesitate to let us know. We regard our clients as family, so we take a "whatever it takes" approach when it comes to your satisfaction. We use a state of the art D.A.W., and our listening environment is meticulously "tuned" in order to provide the most accurate work possible. We really enjoy what we do here at Premier Audio Mastering, so going the extra mile is just something we do naturally. Unlike some other more "corporate" orientated online mastering services, profit is not the bottom line with us. So, send us a track and allow us do a FREE sample of your song. Compare it with others and decide for yourself if we are perfect for your project.

We have only experienced engineers with over 20 years experience in Audio Production. We guarantee fast service, and provide a two day turnaround time (Large projects may take longer). You can be sure you will get the sound you want, because we provide free re-mastering for any reason. Secure FTP file transfer is available as well if you prefer uploading and downloading manually. Just ask us for details, and we will create a free account for you. We work on all genres of music, from all over the world. From TV commercials to EVP's, our engineers can make it shine. If your project consists of multiple tracks or needs special attention, separation mastering is available. We service all file formats, so no need to worry about converting anything. Special pricing discounts are available for repeat clients, large projects, and more. Know that your audio will always be listened to by a real person, and not an automated computer system. Furthermore, no presets are ever used, as the songs are mastered by hand, on a personal level every time. Our money back guarantee ensures you will be completely satisfied with our studio. We are anxious to hear your tracks, and are look forward to you becoming part of the Premier Audio Mastering family.

  General Info

Here at Premier Audio Mastering, our client's satisfaction is most important. We consider every angle on a project whether it is one song, a full length album, or a company presentation. We've mastered many different forms of audio and are always ready to master yours. Because we provide you with a FREE sample of your finished audio before you pay, you can be sure your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Geting a FREE sample of your song will also show you the difference our mastering can make.

Our ordering process is easy, as is uploading songs. Moreover, we offer three Pricing Packages to fit your every mastering need. We also offer a more secure file transfer with FTP. If you're not sure what FTP is or need more info, we can supply you with a FREE program, and details on using it. Our service is fast and reliable. We gurantee a two day turnaround policy, and can return all audio in any format desired.

Specials are frequently given for returning clients, large mastering projects, and for recommending new clients. FREE re-mastering for any reason. Contact us 24/7 by phone or E-Mail. We are anxious to get to work for you, so come see what we can do for your music. Online song mastering made easy. sitemap



You are always guaranteed that Premier Audio Mastering will do it's best work on your project. No shortcuts. No presets. We always listen to each song, and Master it accordingly. Every song is intrinsically different, and always requires it's own unique Mastering Session.

Track Security - We offer Free FTP Accounts for added security to keep your songs safe from unwanted downloading. If you would like more details on password guarded file transfer, please Contact us via E-mail.

Satisfaction Guarantee - Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with us, because we do a Free Sample Mastering of your song, so you can decide before you make any purchase. We will continue to work on your project until it is perfect.

Never any extra charges to worry about. All adjustments and re-mastering are free - always.

Fast Turnaround - You will receive your Mastered Tracks within 2 Days of purchase. Free samples are also returned within 2 days. Projects of 3 or more songs may take a few days longer.

Personal Security - Your songs will never be heard or acquired by others. Songs are kept in the session and deleted after. Songs are returned only to the Original Client, we do not forward songs to third parties, friends, family, producers, labels, studios, etc..



 Complimentary Masterings are commonly given to repeat customers.

 Frequent discounts on large projects.

 Complimentary Masterings are very often given to our clients who refer us to other prospective clients.

 We don't charge for Re-Mastering at clients request for ANY reason. Even if it's because of ANY changes you wish to make to your mixes after hearing them Mastered.


  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What musical genres do you master at P.A.M.?

A. We Master ALL genre's of music. We master music of any type, from anywhere in the world.

Q. What file format will my song be in?

A. We can return your song in wav or aiff format. It will be in 16bit, 44.1khz, ready to play on any CD player - or press. We can also return your files in any format you request.

Q. What is FTP?

A. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a program which allows the user to upload and download files to and from a webpage. It is used to send files securely as it can be used with a password option. A password would be necessary in order to download protected tracks. We make a page for you and supply a password only to you, so you can upload and download your tracks safely, if needed.

Q. How do I get an FTP program?

A. You can find free and priced FTP programs with a quick search of the web. You would need to download and install the program to your computer. (check for viruses first as a general rule) Feel free to contact us for recommendations.


  Sending Tracks

You can use the File Uploader on our "Sample" page to send us your song for a free sample. If you are purchasing a song or multiple songs, you will be prompted with a File Uploader after purchasing.

Or, you can always use these other methods to send us your songs:

  1. You can send us tracks via an Internet File-Sending Service. Most are free to use and require no membership. Just send them to our E-Mail Address:
  2. You can Attach your tracks to an E-Mail sent to us if they are not too large.
  3. You can Post your tracks to an internet site and E-Mail us the information or link to retrieve them.
  4. You can upload your tracks via FTP to your account and E-Mail us the FTP information to retrieve them.


  File Transfer Protocol

You can send us your tracks via FTP. Contact us before or after you purchase to recieve your FTP and Password information.

FTP is a program that lets you upload files directly to a website. A password is generated in order to transfer the files. Only users with the password may access the uploaded files, and download them. The need for a password creates an added layer of security for your songs.

Need an FTP program?

We can supply you with information on how to download, install, and use a free FTP program. Just ask us for more details.



  • Never Normalize your mixdowns.
  • Try to avoid any red in your volume meters, especially the Master Output meter.
  • Try to leave at least 3-5db "Headroom" or space to the top of the Master Output meter. If your mixes peak to the very top of the meter, mastering engineers will be limited in what they can do for the track.
  • How loud your mix is has no effect on how loud it can be when mastered, unless it is too loud. If it's too loud, the mastering engineer will be limited in using effects to make the song sweeter. So have your mixes at a good level in the Master Output meter, 3/4 of the way up is a good, safe rule of thumb.
  • Converting files to MP3 format can degrade sound quality and should be avoided, if possible, until after the mastering process. Using the most original version of the sound files is suggested.
  • Do not use limiters or compressors on your whole mix to make it louder. The mastering engineer's equipment in most cases does a better job. Also, the necessary and effects which may be needed must happen before compressing and limiting in most cases, or the song could sound overloaded before reaching optimum loudness when mastering.
  • Try to get rid of ALL unwanted clicks, pops, hiss, noise, etc. as even ones that may seem too low to notice usually become more audible when mastered.

These are the most common issues that can hinder a client's results no matter where a project is mastered. If you have any questions about your project, please contact us.


  What is Audio Mastering?

Mastering is the process after mixing which recordings are taken into a 2-track editor, fades are applied to the beginning and end, and the engineer begins to use several tools to improve the overall quality of the mix. Usually an engineer will run the mix through a compressor, equalize the frequencies in the recording, and sometimes use other more specific effects to fix a variety of problems that can occur. Usually, mastering is done to produce a master recording that is loud (as the "commercial" sound is very loud and able to be heard easily on smaller, lower quality speakers) and sonically balanced. The source material is processed using equalization, compression, limiting, noise reduction and other processes. Subsequently, it is rendered to a medium such as audio files. This mastered source material is then put in the proper order at this stage. This is commonly called the assembly or track sequencing. More tasks such as editing, pre-gapping, leveling, fading in and out, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement processes can be applied as part of the sequencing stage.

The specific medium varies, depending on the intended release format of the final product. For digital audio releases, there is more than one possible master medium, chosen based on replication factory requirements or record label security concerns.

The process of audio mastering varies depending on the specific needs of the audio to be processed. Steps of the process typically include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Transferring the recorded audio tracks into the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) (optional).
  2. Sequence the separate songs or tracks (the spaces in between) as they will appear on the final product (for example, an audio CD).
  3. Process or "sweeten" audio to maximize the sound quality for its particular medium. (Make the overall sound less cheap.)
  4. Transfer the audio to the final master format (i.e., Red Book-compatible audio CD or a CD-ROM data, half-inch reel tape, PCM 1630 U-matic tape, etc.).

Some examples of possible actions a mastering engineer might take during mastering include:

  1. Edit or correct minor flaws or mistakes if possible.
  2. Apply noise reduction to eliminate or reduce hum, hiss, pops and other undesired audio artifacts.
  3. Adjust the stereo width of the soundstage.
  4. Add or supress any ambience.
  5. Equalize audio between the stereo tracks.
  6. Adjust volumes or loudness.
  7. Dynamic expansion or dynamic compression.
  8. Peak limit the tracks, making them safe to play in a standard sound system.

The guidelines above are generally descriptive of the mastering process, and not considered specific instructions. Mastering engineers need to examine the types of input media, the expectations of the source producer or artist, the limitations of the desired end medium and process the audio accordingly. Our engineers scrutinize the audio, then decide what is necessary to get the project to top form. We invite you to see what we can do.