1. Never Normalize your mixdowns.
  2. Try to avoid any red in your volume meters, especially the Master Output meter.
  3. Try to leave at least 3-5db "Headroom" or space to the top of the Master Output meter. If your mixes peak to the very top of the meter, mastering engineers will be limited in what they can do for the track.
  4. How loud your mix is has no effect on how loud it can be when mastered, unless it is too loud. If it's too loud, the mastering engineer will be limited in using effects to make the song sweeter. So have your mixes at a good level in the Master Output meter, 3/4 of the way up is a good, safe rule of thumb.
  5. Converting files to MP3 format can degrade sound quality and should be avoided, if possible, until after the mastering process. Using the most original version of the sound files is suggested.
  6. Do not use limiters or compressors on your whole mix to make it louder. The mastering engineer's equipment in most cases does a better job. Also, the necessary and effects which may be needed must happen before compressing and limiting in most cases, or the song could sound overloaded before reaching optimum loudness when mastering.
  7. Try to get rid of ALL unwanted clicks, pops, hiss, noise, etc. as even ones that may seem too low to notice usually become more audible when mastered. These are the most common issues that can hinder a client's results no matter where a project is mastered. If you have any questions about your project, please contact us.



  • Quality - You are always guaranteed that Premier Audio Mastering will do it's best work on your project. No shortcuts. No presets. We always listen to each song, and Master it accordingly. Every song is intrinsically different, and always requires it's own unique Mastering Session.
  • Track Security - We offer Free FTP Accounts for added security to keep your songs safe from unwanted downloading. If you would like more details on password guarded file transfer, please Contact us via E-mail.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with us, because we do a Free Sample Mastering of your song, so you can decide before you make any purchase. We will continue to work on your project until it is perfect. Never any extra charges to worry about. All adjustments and re-mastering are free - always.
  • Fast Turnaround - You will receive your Mastered Tracks within 2 Days of purchase. Free samples are also returned within 2 days. Projects of 3 or more songs may take a few days longer.
  • Personal Security - Your songs will never be heard or acquired by others. Songs are kept in the session and deleted after. Songs are returned only to the original client, we do not forward songs to third parties, friends, family, producers, labels, studios, etc..



Complimentary Masterings are commonly given to repeat customers. Frequent discounts on large projects. Complimentary Masterings are very often given to our clients who refer us to other prospective clients. We don't charge for Re-Mastering at clients request for ANY reason. Even if it's because of ANY changes you wish to make to your mixes after hearing them Mastered.



Q. What musical genres do you master at Premier Audio Mastering?

A. We Master ALL genre's of music. We master music of any type, from anywhere in the world.

Q. What file format will my song be in?

A. We can return your song in wav format. It will be in 16bit - 44.1khz, ready to press to CD's and play on any CD player. We can also return your files in any format you request.

Q. What is FTP?

A. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a program which allows the user to upload and download files to and from a webpage. It is used to send files securely as it can be used with a password option. A password would be necessary in order to download protected tracks. We make a page for you and supply a password only to you, so you can upload and download your tracks safely, if needed.

Q. How do I get an FTP program?

A. You can find free and priced FTP programs with a quick search of the web. You would need to download and install the program to your computer. (check for viruses first as a general rule) Feel free to contact us for recommendations.



File Transfer Protocol You can send us your tracks via FTP. Contact us before or after you purchase to recieve your FTP and Password information. FTP is a program that lets you upload files directly to a website. A password is generated in order to transfer the files. Only users with the password may access the uploaded files, and download them. The need for a password creates an added layer of security for your songs. Need an FTP program? We can supply you with information on how to download, install, and use a free FTP program. Just ask us for more details.

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