Package A

Loudness Mastering


  • If you like your songs just the way they are and just want to make them louder, we recommend that you choose Package A. We will make your songs professionally loud without using any effects to enhance or change their overall sound. (Some limiting will be necessary to make your song "safe" and loud.)

Package B

Full Mastering


  • We will utilize our full array of Mastering Effects as needed, to make your songs sound the best they can. They will also be mastered for loudness so they will be professionally loud. Our Mastering Effects include: E.Q., Compression, Limiting, Stereo Imaging, Noise Reduction, Aural Enhancers, Reverb, Auto-Tune, and many more. Be sure to request any specific effects you would like used with your project.

Package C

Separation Mastering


  • Send us your stems, separates, beat/vocal tracks, intros, etc., for your songs. Package C covers all multiple file song projects as well. Separation Mastering gives the engineer greater control over the songs during the mastering process. This allows for more precise mastering if needed. Not intended for full song mixing.

  • We offer 3 different Pricing Packages, which will help you make the best choice for your project.
  • After completing purchase, you will be prompted to upload your song files. (Skip this step if you have already submitted them for a Free Sample.)
  • Please allow 2 days for return of your mastered song. Projects of 3 songs or more may take a few extra days to complete.
  • We will contact you immediately if we have any questions or concerns about the tracks.
  • Please check your SPAM or JUNK email folders if you do not receive our emails, thank you.
  • Contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns, or even if you just need some tips for your project.

Thank you for choosing Premier Audio Mastering
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